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Vendor Finders

We work with organizations, both non profit and for profit when they need help with an event.

We can customize a program for you to provide vendors and crafters for your event.  

The majority of our vendors are in the north western part of NJ.  We boast a count of over 3000 vendors on our mailing list.  The sooner you contact us the better to get the best response for your event.  We also have about 150 bands that we work with periodically.

We also work with SOTA Productions & Consultants, a partner of Spirit of the Arts, to do the production of all types of events.  We can consult with you on a project basis; do the production of the event you have in mind or a combination of both.  There are no standard fees as everything is customized based on your needs and budget.

We do not solicit sponsors, nor do we use our own sponsors for your event.  We are happy to review your solicitation letters and levels as part of our consulting service, but we are not normally in the business of getting sponsors on your behalf.  However, with a warm list from you, we will make every effort to bring in some sponsor money for your event, but we take 35% commission on this.  The reason for this is there is a great amount of effort involved in this process and time is money.

We would be happy to discuss this further with you.

We have been in this business for 7 years and have produced close to 100 events ranging from craft fairs to multi-day day music festivals with national acts to dinner dances and golf outings, comedy nights, concerts and winery visits.  We work with our clients to enable them to get their event up and running after just a few meetings and after going to contract.

Based on needs and budget, we do all of it including the marketing, setting up Facebook and Twitter, adding a website, writing press releases, digital marketing, contract graphic designers and all of the rest or the marketing tasks.

Call or email us for details.  973-875-2068 ask for Sandy or email Sandy@mitchellclan.com.

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